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May 31, 2013
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Your name is ____, and your girlfriend is a lovely girl named Terezi Pyrope.
Terezi is a human, just as you are, with ginger hair and freckles by the dozen, always wearing red shades. Her favorite color was red, and you didn't mind. You called it cute, and always wore something red around her, even if she couldn't see.

She was blind.

Everyone scowled at you, but you ignored it. You were happy with Terezi and her odd ways. Even her house was odd, with all of the plushies being hung from their necks and suspended from the ceiling. She kept a small diary under her mattress, and one day, you got curious and read it.

You don't speak of the diary entries, only carry on with life.

Terezi and you were eating lunch one day when she stopped eating abruptly.

"Hey, ___. I need to ask you something."

"Hit me." you responded.

"You love me , right?"

"Of course!" you had to gawk at the question, thinking it was obvious.

"Even if I was deaf?"

"Yeah." you tilted your head.

"...Even if I was mute?"

"Certainly..." you started become quiet, feeling uncomfortable.

"Even if I was....dead?"

"Yes Terezi, yes I would! What's causing you to act like this suddenly?" you spat, frowning afterwards. 

"Nothing..." she sighed, hugging you. You stroked her hair, whispering how much you cared for her in her ear, rocking her back and forth. "'s something. There are these dumbasses at school who said that you wouldn't..."

"And you believed them."


"Don't." you said, kissing her. "Just, don't."  she nodded her head, letting out a soft sob. "I need you... I'll love you forever, no matter what, I promise."
A few days later, you were called to Terezi's house, and when you entered, you came with chalk for her ever-growing collection. 

"Honey, I'm hooooome~" you joked, looking around.

"Over here." Terezi sat at her bed, writing something down in her diary before storing it. "Hey ___. You're a bit early..."

"Didn't want to keep you waiting. I got you some chalk." you beamed, handing her the pack.

"All red?" she smiled softly.

"Yup, all red. Different shades too. Apple, vermilion, candy..."

"Thanks." she smiled and handed it back to you. "Hey, why don't you put it in the closet with the others, that's where I moved them all to."

"All righty." you took the package and walked two rooms over to the closet, placing the chalk in the large pile.

When you returned to the room, Terezi's neck was in a loop of rope, she was floating.
Floating with suspension.
She was dead.

"I..." you sputtered, running over and pulling her down. "You...." you took the note that was in her hand.

'im sorry, ___
i couldnt take it anymore
my mind told me you dont love me'

"I promised I'd always love you...." you started crying, ripping the paper into shreds. "If you died...even if...."
I should stop sadstucking
it's becoming bad
Terezi (c) Hussie
You (c) you

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wHAT. No. The sadstuck in this fanfic is too high! 
No but this is awesome :3 I really like it
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I was reading all these cute fics and tHIS THING DESIDES TO SHOW UP ;-;
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blackxbluezoroark Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just killed whatever happiness I had
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