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January 26, 2013
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Nepeta Leijon sat down in a coffee shop, hunched over a bowl of milk rather than a cup, lapping up the milk just as a cat would. You never really talked to her, fearing she would come off weirder as she already did. Nor did you know her name; you only knew that she was extraordinarily cat-like. Sitting down your cup of coffee, you walked to her, casually sitting across from her as her eyes flickered up to you. She giggled and wiped her mouth, smiling.

“Hiya!” she made a purr noise, stretching out her arms. “Who’re mew? I’ve seen you here befur.” Cat puns. Strangely adorable. You calmly introduced yourself, and she did the same. Nepeta, she said. Nepeta, as in catnip? How oddly cute, but then again, this is also the girl with the grey skin who has a fake blue cat tail. Wait, never mind the fake part, you noticed it was swaying off the booth as she purred more. She thought she was a cat. Once again, cute.

There were lots of questions on your mind, and you spoke them all. Nepeta only hesitated a few times, and answered them all back nicely.  You were at first nervous to ask how old she was, seeing as how she was at most five feet and two inches, and she had that child aura around her, yet, she was six and a half sweeps, which was thirteen human years, as she explained.

“Hey, can I show mew some things?” she smiled hopefully at you, and you nodded gleefully. Her tail pricked in the air as she dug in a small reusable bag with a cat, of course, on it. She came out a few seconds later with some small little napkin drawings. Each had two little characters, similar looking to Nepeta, and a symbol that you would find on a playing card. Some even had the letters “OTP” around them, and Nepeta was smiling goofily.

“These are my ships!” she cooed.

“Those are drawings.” You deadpanned awkwardly.

“But they’re called ships! Who I pair together as couples and things.” She went on to explain how the heart was signaling a matespritship, or love, the diamond was moirailigence, or best friend-like feelings, and how the spade was kissmesistude, or love-hate feelings. You also asked who the little characters were, and she said that they were her and her ‘fureinds’.  It was cute, the way she did it. You asked to take a closer look a bit slyly as you did. She nodded her head happily and you hopped next to her, which shocked her a small bit.

 Without warning her, you kissed her quickly, spinning around as your face flushed pink. Nepeta let out a squeak and you felt her tense up. You turned around and saw her entire was flushed olive colored. She was telling the truth; she did have olive blood.

“Nepeta.” You murmured.

“Yes, ___?” she blushed more, smiling shyly.

“I am, er, flushed for you.” You laughed awkwardly, afraid she’d reject you.

“That is kinda sudden-.” She half-hissed, crawling under the table with a napkin and over to another table. A wave of rejection crushed over you and you sighed, clutching your knees to your chest.

You had fallen asleep when the waitress of the coffee shop gently shook you awake.

“Excuse me; we have to close down for the night. Oh, by the way, a Nepeta Leijon left this for you.” She laid down a napkin face-down on the table. You gazed around as she walked away. Yup, you were the only one there, no sign of the cat-girl.

You shrugged off the feeling of loneliness and walked you way back home, clutching the napkin tightly to your heart as you felt like never before. On the napkin was a small picture; as if drawn by a little girl. You and Nepeta were holding hands, a big red heat draw around it; OTP was written above it. And near the bottom was a small message. ‘Add me on pesterchum! My handle is arsenicCatnip!’ You knew just what to do, and you couldn’t wait.
To my watchers: I'm back~! Miss me~? ;33

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