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Submitted on
July 18, 2013
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"WHEN WILL THIS GOGDAMNED STORM FUCKING END?!" Karkat yelled at the top of his lungs, and your eye twitched. He. Won't. Stop. COMPLAINING!

"SOON ENOUGH FOR YOU TO SHUT YOUR YAP!" you yelled back at him, hands turning into fists.

For some unannounced reason, you were at a camp.
In summer.
In Washington.
Where it's cold as molasses.
Just saying.
But in Washington, in summer, where it is indeed as cold as molasses, in this lovely camp, you just came to the realization that you, ___ ___, were stuck in a cabin with Karkat Vantas, Eridan Ampora, and Vriska Serket. All of whom you didn't like AT ALL.

It was a pretty reasonable morning, but when you actually got to the cabin, it started storming.
That was about seven hours ago at noon.

Vriska sat on her blue (of course) bed, scribbling down some drawings with a smirk. Eridan was sleeping in a hammock at the back of the cabin, snoring loudly. You had to share a bunk bed with Karkat, he was in the bottom bunk. You were sitting at the foot of Vriska's bed, wanting to become friends with her if anyone else. Your eyes darted to Karkat, who was wrapped in blankets yet still shivering. You couldn't tell if it was because of the cold, or if he was scared of the storm. Lightning flashed from behind you and Vriska, and Karkat yelped loudly, jumping up and bumping his head on the bottom of your bunk.

A small smile crossed your lips and you stood up, walking over to him with a sneer. "Does Karkat need another blankeeet~?" you teased, snickering to yourself.

"I D-D-DON'T NEED ANYTHING FROM YOU, _-___!" he called you by your last name, and you hated it. Your nose wrinkled in disgust, and you flicked one of his horns. "OW!" he growled as you walked to the mini fridge, getting out food.

You were the only one smart enough to bring an appliance in the only cabin with enough room for four people, three beds, a couch, and still space for a mini fridge and table. You tossed Vriska some Oreos, flung a packet of seasoning at Eridan, and threw candy corn at Karkat, getting some Oreos for yourself.  Karkat yelped yet again, the candy corn spilling all over the wooden floor. You groaned and set your Oreos on the table, picking up the candy corn as if you were a maid. You sure felt like one.

You put them in a ramekin, giving it to Karkat with a clearly amused expression. He shivered and shook his head no, whimpering like a small puppy or kitten.

"Dude, what's wrong? It's candy corn." you said simply.

"...Right, I knew that." he breathed, his voice a whisper.

"You thought they were horns, didn't you?" your voice then became the opposite of your expression, dripping with amusement at his obvious before horror.

"NO!" he growled, nibbling the top off of a piece, smiling awkwardly.

"There we go Karkat." you nodded, sitting next to him.

"Aren't you going to eat your human chocolate semen-cream shit?"

You nearly gagged. "Uh, not anymore I'm not, thanks."

You could've sworn that was a genuine smile on his face.
But you doubt it.

"Why're you sitting next to me anyway?" he blinked, chewing more candy corn. You shrugged and lied down next to him, staring at your bunk. "No reason, huh?" Karkat breathed, suddenly calm.

"Why the fuck is my dinner a packet a seasonin-" Eridan groaned, you laughed so loudly that even Karkat grinned. 

"Hey ___, er, ___." he blinked, remembering to call you by your first name. "is the storm...over?"

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM crackle crackle crackle!

That answers that.

You didn't speak, seeing as how it wasn't really needed. Vriska and Eridan fell back asleep, and you spend the rest of the stormy night talking to Karkat about all sorts of things, the two of you falling asleep simultaneously at five A.M. Your head was in his lap and his head his still, being supported by the blankets wrapped around him. An annoyed tap on your head woke you up, eyes fluttering open to see Eridan and Vriska staring at you awkwardly. Karkat was still sleeping.

"Sup." you squeaked quietly, sneaking away from Karkat and climbing up onto your bunk, smiling back down at Eridan and Vriska sheepishly. They nodded, as if you had just done a miracle, and went back to their beds. "What time is it...?" you murmured sleepily.

"Three in the fuckin afternoon. You an Kar know how to rest, ___." Eridan chuckled, and you blinked.

Ten hours of sleep.
Kinda surprising that the first three days in this camp are lockdown, having to stay in your cabin with the roommates for the entire time unless you have to use the restroom.
Ten hours of sleep...
Not enough.
You, sneakily, jumped down from the top bunk and onto the floor of the cabin, laying on the bottom bunk again, closing your eyes to drift back into sleep wonderland...
Before I do my reader x Eridan that the poll won, I figured to do a little reader x Karkat!!
It's a three-parter!
Karkat, Vriska, Eridan (c) Hussie
You (c) yourself
Oreos (c) NaBisCo
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"wwhy the fuck is my dinner a packet of seasonin'?" <--- i LOST IT at this and am still crying from laughter. WHY DO I FIND THIS SO FUNNY?
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"Ten hours of sleep…Not enough."
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