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November 17, 2013
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You were at a racetrack, somewhat of a resemblance to a NASCAR one. 

Did you originally want to be here?


You really didn't.

But you had gotten a free ticket in the mail; and for a really close seat to the race, a Grand Prix, mind you, located in...where were you again? 

Some weird city resembling clouds...oh yes; Cloudsdale!

Heck, who doesn't want free tickets to the grand Prix?

Upon arrival you heard everyone speak of a 'Rainbow Dash', but nobody ever used any pronouns.

You asked someone who they were, but they simply responded with 'Rainbow Dash is Rainbow Dash! No more, no less! Rainbow Dash is totally going to win the race!'

"But...what gender is Rainbow Dash?" you asked a guy, tilting your head at the mention of the girly-name, but you weren't sure, some racers have girly names but are male, it's not like that's unheard of, you know that for a fact, by gosh by golly. And you were determined to learn the gender.

Very determined.

'Heck if I know, only the people that work for Rainbow Dash know! Even when winning, Rainbow Dash just takes the trophy! Rainbow Dash doesn't even remove their helmet! Not even once! Rainbow Dash doesn't speak either!'

Your mouth was gaping, they told you. 

Then they walked off and you shook your head, now determined to meet the racer.

You didn't.

Even as the announcer appropriately announced everyone, they referred to Rainbow Dash as the masked racer, not giving any hint about their gender. As far as you were concerned, it was an all-male race. So you merely sighed and watched a light blue car with rainbow streaks surpass everyone.

Rainbow, as you now refer to them, won easily, and one of their representatives too the trophy, saying that 'Rainbow Dash thanks everyone for their support' and then they literally drove off in the racecar. How quaint.

The next day, you went to the market, unable to keep your mind off of Rainbow. Boy or girl? He or she? This was a mystery. Who needs pronouns anyway? Stupid, silly things.

Upon walking back to your house (you lived not even a mile away from the market), you stared at the ground. You were so off into space that a car nearly hit you! You frantically ran away with your face pink from embarrassment before bumping into someone, falling down.

You shook your head from the impact to see yourself staring into purple eyes above you, a pale hand was offering itself to you, so you took it and were quickly pulled up.

"Excuse m-me... I'm s-s-so sorry for this and I was just going to walk home and stuff and I know I'm sputtering a l-lot but...  listen, I'm so so sorry... a-again... I wasn't p-paying attention and-" your eyes widened to realize you were staring at a girl with bright, jagged rainbow streaked hair, she was wearing blue blush, and she had a black hoodie on. 

A black hoodie, that is, with the same emblem symbol on Rainbow Dash's car stitched onto the shoulders. You gasped and smiled awkwardly.
"Rainbow Dash?" you breathed barely.

The girl sputtered out a word or two, cussing under her breath before nodding slightly. "Yeah...that's me..."

"I KNEW YOU WERE A GI-" she covered your mouth, her blue brush getting hotter to more of a cerulean color.

"Shut up! You'll blow my cover! Now c'mon...I will do ANYTHING to make you say you never saw me, never say what sex I am, never say jack shit about me." her eye twitched.

"Kiss me!" you blurted, mentally slapping yourself.

"Aha, what?" Rainbow smirked, crossing her arms. "Yeah, anything BUT that. No way."

You REALLY wanted that kiss, so you pursed your lips and smiled lightly. "But Rainbow; this is a challenge. You wouldn't back down from a challenge, would you?" you batted your eyes for an added effect, to which Rainbow Dash flinched back lightly.

"N-" she sighed, shaking her head. "Dude, I know you want this, many before you have said the EXACT. SAME. THING. But I know you fans. If I DO kiss you, you WILL blow my cover. Get it?"

"G-Got it!"

"Good. Now what will I do INSTEAD?"

"...Kiss me-"

"UGH! OH MY FRIKKEN GOD!" Rainbow Dash sighed and bit her lip, looking around. "You BETTER not tell ANYONE."

You opened your mouth to ask what she was doing before you were pulled into a passionate and rather anger-fueled kiss, Rainbow Dash pulled you to her by the collar of your shirt, and your eyes were wide. 

Rainbow Dash pushed you back, pulling the hood back over her head.

She left you there, blushing as a stutter escaped your mouth. "C-can I get your number?"

She turned 180 degrees to you, snarling. "Now you're just pushing it!" she spat.

"HEY EVERYBODY! RAINBOW DASH IS-" your mouth was covered again. Not by a hand, mind you, but by her cherry red lips.

You inwardly smirked at how sly you were being now, it was an easy transition for you to go from blushy-stuttery to sly and 'captivating'. 

You gently kissed her back and basically you two had a make-out session for a good ten minutes. When you finally pulled back, Rainbow Dash took out a pen and your receipt, writing all sorts of numbers and usernames to stuff on it.

She flipped her bangs and handed it to you, smiling.

"There. That should do you in for a while, allright? Just remember: you never met me, you certainly never kissed me at all, and I have no gender. I am merely Rainbow Dash, the best racer in the world. Genderless, genderless, GENDERLESS. But yeah; I guess you're pretty cool. You're my new best fan, I guess." she said with a small smile, nodding at you.

"Also the best kisser~"

"Oh shut up. ...What's your name-"

"___." you replied dreamily, going back to your blush-stutter state.

"I'll remember that. See ya, ___." she pecked your cheek and pulled up her hoody again, waving and walking off, and you laughed to yourself.

"Pronouns~ Who needs em~?" you cooed, walking back to your home.

Fun day.

Fun day indeed...
Okay uh

I had a sudden muse click for this ; w ;

(I'm not going to finish the reader x human fluttershy. Ever. So don't as about this.)

And this is a one-shot. If I do make another reader x human Rainbow Dash she'll probs be a racer again, but idk.

If I get enough requests, maybe.
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8 Words. Im gonna go home and make pancaks naow.
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Can someone tell me why I'm reading this?? I hate Rainbowdash more than I hate Frozen. (And that's a LOT LOT LOT of hate.)
Sp33dcore Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014

it was probably the whole 'pronoun' thing

i love it

i made this story BEFORE tumblr. made it a huge deal
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