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February 23
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Your name is ___ ___, and you're having...heart troubles?

No, you can't phrase it that way, you're not sick or anything, you're just...having red heart troubles on the mark of a grid as if you were in a math class of some sort.

QUADRANTS! Yes, those, you're having red-heart-on-quadrant troubles.

See, you always forget what the quadrants are called, so you call them:

Red heart
Pink Diamond
Gray Club
Black Spade

If you can't remember what the whole quadrant system is called, you refer to it as the card system.

Creative, you know.

Somehow you were able to become friends with these twelve gray-skinned...people, called trolls, who, atop of their odd skin coloring, had tri-colored horns and seemed to always wear a shirt with a distinctly colored zodiac sign on it.

The Pisces one always got to you.

She was ALWAYS dead cheerful, smiling and beaming and giggling and just being cute.

TOO cute.

Her name is Feferi Peixes and there is NO possible way you could be more sure of anything these trolls had to offer.

In fact, it was almost the only thing you understood because you were too busy making googly eyes at her. 

One day she invited you to go swimming with her and diamond guy at a pool.

You accepted without haste and when you arrived you couldn't help but to notice that her usual happiness level was skyrocketed or something as soon as she saw you.

Already she was giggly and pink-heart-guy splashed water at her as he arose from beneath the water, with a quirked a brow at you.

"'Ey Fef, who's this?" he asked.

"Oh! Whale Eridan, this is ___~ We've been fronds for a while now, haven't we?"

You blinked and did a small double-take, having almost not realized she was talking to you.

"Yup, we have!" You sat by the pool, smiling awkwardly since you were fully clothed and had nothing swim-related with you.

Feferi tilted her head and swam over to you, still smiling all the while. "Why're you not swimming, ___? C'mon, it's fun!"

"I know it must be--" you laughed awkwardly, feeling a blush rise to your face. 

"Must be?" 'Eridan' sneered, rolling his eyes. "What, can't swim?"

"ERIDAN!" Feferi spun around and yelled at him, sighing and turning back around to face you again.

"Well he's kinda right..." your eyes fled to the side.

Feferi's own eyes widened a little, her tone shocked. "You don't know how to swim?" she squawked.

You made some sort of weird smile and shrugged, your eyes looking around until they got behind you, meeting Eridan's which were filled with hostility and rage. It was because of that sudden showing up behind you that you toppled over into the pool, splashing water everywhere.

Right after you made contact with the water, you started screaming like a five-year-old and flailed around in the water as Eridan had a laugh attack, Feferi was busy growling at him and trying to help you calm down at the same time. This was embarrassing, to say the least.

Because you hadn't any idea of how to manage this, you let yourself stop screaming as you propelled yourself down in the water. Feferi gasped and pulled you back up quickly, laying you on the conrete. She had more muscle than you thought.

"Oh come on ___, you can do it! Do you need somefin?"

You just stared at her, getting lost in her beauty again.


"Do you need my kelp?"

"Kelp...? No, I don't want sushi or anything..."

She laughed, smiling and shaking her head. Darn, that laugh...

"No, ___. But you must be fin if you don't need my kelp any more. You shore seem fine!"

"OH! THAT WAS A FISH PUN!" you yelped, slapping your forehead.

"Took ya long enough to notice." Eridan grumbled. "Cod..."

"Oh hush Eridan." Feferi sighed, smiling again at you and helping you sit up. 

"So...Eridan's guy, right?" you asked her.

"My moirail, yes." she said.

"And you don't have a heart person..."

"A matesprit? No, why?"

You muttered that you liked her under your breath, but nobody else could understand you.

"What was that?" Feferi blinked a bit worriedly.

"I said-- Ikindalikeyou."

"You...pike me?" Feferi giggled, a tyrian purple blush spreading on her face.

"Yeah, I do."

"Whale, this is a shocking development! Er, not reely, I kinda saw it coming, but it's kinda cute of you!"

"Cute?" you echoed.

"Yeah, it is~"

You had to blink a few times before going into deadpan land. "Sure." 

"OH JUST FUCKIN BE MATESPRITS ALREADY!" Eridan groaned collectively, grumbling more.

"If you want to be matesprits, I'd be glad to be yours." Feferi smiled shyly for once, which made you blush even more as if genetics could do that.

"Er...s-sure? That's the red heart one, right-"

"Yes, it is." She laughed and hugged you, kissing your cheek.

You almost felt woozy again but you managed to stay upright. "I no longer have heart problems!" you blurted.

"You what-" Eridan made a dumbfounded face, mixed in with some general 'u okay'-ness.

"I mean-- that is to say-- I have a girlfriend now." 

"Whale you shore do." Feferi nodded, poking your nose. Eridan let out a groan and walked out of the room, leaving you and Feferi to have your own laugh attack.

Nope, no heart problems now.
Here you go kirigayri have your dumb gay fanfic,,,

Eridan and Feferi (c) Hussie

You (c) Yourself

unless you're Josh

then you belong to me

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