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Submitted on
May 31, 2013
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"C'mon Eridan, we need to hurry!" you beamed at your boyfriend, Eridan, as he walked up the huge hill. His sleek black hair was pushed back, and his scarf flapped lazily in the wind. The boy had water dependencies, so you walked over to him and poured some on his head. "You're such a weirdo! It's like you belong on another planet. For fish!" you giggled, holding his hand.

"This isn't really the best 'happy two-month anniversary' gift..." he heaved, looking downwards. "What is the gift, anyway?"

"You'll see!" you beamed again, running down the hill, laughing like an idiot as Eridan screeched behind you. "Sorry I'm fast!" you cawed behind you at him, giggling more and more.

"Try being like a fuckin' rocket!" he squawked, flailing his arms.

"Pchooooooo~" you grinned, finished going downwards. "Earth to Eridan, this is NASA speaking. We have landed on the fairgrounds of Six Flags."

"Eridan to NASA, I want to have a word with ___ about his/her speed problems." he griped.

"C'mon fishie!" you giggled, waving tickets in his face. "We can ride stuff!"

"Fine, shore." he smiled lightly, holding your hand again. "Only because you're sweet, ___."

"Sweeter than cotton candy~" you reminded him, tapping his nose. "TO THE ROLLER COASTER!" you cawed, running to the gates.

"Yeah, you are." he breathed, smiling even lighter, almost sadly.

"Well, what're we waiting for?"
After all the rides and games, you had gotten a SHIT ton of tickets. Eridan took the opportunity to go buy himself a gift as you sat on a bench. The time was now 9 P.M and you didn't mind, the Ferris wheel is sparkling with pretty lights.  You nibbled a candy apple and smiled, feeling great about everything.
Eridan walked over to you with a sword in his hands, causing you to spit out part of the apple.

"That's so cool!" you cooed, grinning.

"Yeah, I know. What's your opinion on shish kabobs?" Eridan asked, quirking a brow.

What an odd question. "They're pretty cool." you smiled at him. "And so are you, my fishie fishie~!"

"I hate you." he breathed, causing you to flinch. 


"I hate you." he said again.

"F-fishie fishie, why?" you gawked, frowning.

"You're annoyin, that nickname is aggravatin, and to top it all off, I told you two days ago how much I hate fairs." he growled, tapping the ground with the blade impatiently.

"I can do something else!" you sputtered, standing up and stepping back.

"No, ___. It's too late for that. I've had it." Eridan pulled you close to him, which was the opposite of what you thought he was going to do. "This sword is the stick, you're the meat." he hissed. "And so am I." 

You felt a sudden sharp piercing through your stomach as tears fell down your face quickly, your sobs coming cracked as you realized that he somehow managed to make the sword go through both him AND you.

You became part of a human shish kabob.

"I still love you...fishie fishie..." you croaked, and everything went blank.
Shish kabobs, anyone~?

Eridan (c) Hussie
You (c) Yourself

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Why eridan,
Just why!?

*shall keep this away at all cost*
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For some reason I knew this would happen... ever since it said he smiled almost sadly...... am my frist thoughts when this ended was 'Da Fuq'
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Well that escalated quickly.......
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lie down.

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