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February 18, 2013
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A/N: Not knowing who exactly would read this made me think about nearing the ending for a while, so you'll have to deal with you being a prince if you're female, you're still one, Nepeta just likes the look of a Prince crown on your head. Enjoy this late Valentine's gift, guys!
For Katherine

You, Nepeta, and Eridan were at the beach for a Valentines party. Eridan had invited everyone he knew, but most declined his offer, leaving you and Nepeta. Eridan was fiddling around with some shells Nepeta showed him as you gazed at the sky. The beach was oddly warm in February, despite the twenty degree weather a mere half hour away.

"Nepeta, whatcha up to?" You asked her as she popped a pail of sand into a formation.

"You'll see!" She purred, typing on a phone. "Pawlux is coming." She mewed to Eridan.

"Nep, Sol is the one person I didn't invite on purpose." Eridan let out a collective groan and he resorted back to organizing the shells by color.

You wasted time by cutting out frilly heart things and tossing them into the cool water. Nepeta really got into building her...whatever she was building, and eventually Sollux arrived.

"Oh gog, who invited fish Dick?"  He hissed.

"Eridan is the one holding the party." You told the Gemini with a soft smile.

"Oh. Hey, ____." He greeted you, bowing his head.

"Pawlux! Help me out here!" Nepeta waved him over to her as she snagged a purple shell. She whispered something into his ear and Sollux grinned, nodding his head. It sparked your sense of curiosity but you ignored it, proceeding to help Eridan with the seemingly endless array of sea shells. Time passed, and you found yourself looking over at Nepeta and Sollux often. Eventually, you tugged on Eridans sleeve as you saw a gigantic sea shell covered sand castle in front of you. It looked real, brick layout, windows, princess tower, everything. Your mouth was gaping open and so was Eridans.

"How the everliving fuck did you do that...?" Eridan breathed, and Sollux dusted his hands on his jeans.

"Sollux has good handywork." Nepeta purred. "Come in, purrlease!" She waved you and Eridan in, forcing your hands together in a joined lock."happy valentines!" She expanded her arms to reveal that the inside of the castle looked like it was a church decorated for a wedding.

"Yea shore." Eridan blinked, looking at you a few times as he bit his lip. "What's the point of this...?"

"We're having a valentine's wedding!" Nepeta chirped.  Eridan's gaze dropped to your joined hands and his face went entirely grape.

"Sollux is going to marry you two!" she hopped into a seat and clapped her hands together excitedly. Sollux, surely enough, looked like a pastor. You thought it was odd but went with it. In fact, you liked this pretend marriage thing, after all- wait how did Nepeta and Sollux know what marriage is...?

"Humans told us about it." Sollux blinked, "I know you were confused about this, your expression tells all, ___." Your face grew a bit hotter out of sheer embarrassment. Nepeta snapped her fingers and pranced over to a box in the corner, pulling out two crowns. She placed one on your head and one on Eridan's, examining how they looked. After a moment, she switched them, giggling.

"Ampurra, you look better with the princess crown. ___, you with the prince one."

"Nep!" Eridan groaned,  "For the last fuckin time, I dont even like crowns." he sighed.

"Leeeet's get this human marriage thing over with." Sollux griped, and Nepeta rushed you and Eridan up in front of him. "Okay, uh," he flipped through some pages of a book before screwing up his face and tossing it over his shoulder. "Fuck this- Eridan do you want ___ to be your matesprit human marriage thing? Wife, groom, whatever the fuck?"

"Well as odd and sudden as this is, yes, I do." Eridan smiled shyly at you.

"Fantastic. ___, do you take Eridan to be your whatever you humans even call it? Groom I think-" Nepeta whispered something in his ear and Sollux nodded. "Right, groom. Even though he's a princess in this scenario..." he zoned our for a second and chuckled.  You felt yourself shift between your feet out of curiosity. Knowing Nepeta, this should purely be a play thing but they seemed slightly serious. Aren't you too young for marriage? No, in some countries, people who are eleven get married... right.

"I do." you nodded your head, smiling.

"Kay then, Eridan you can--" Sollux was interrupted by Nepeta.

"Kiss already!" she laughed.

You felt a small want to object to this, but Eridan's lips clashed with yours before you had any say in it. Petals in heart shapes floated down around you, and when Eridan pulled away, you noticed Feferi and Aradia were up on the second floor, pouring them down in a torrent around the seadweller and you. That made a giggle come out of you, and you smiled, looking into Eridan's eyes.

"All right!" Nepeta threw her fist in the air out of sheer happiness, you could tell. "Now let's play 'Princess Eridan gets locked in the tower and can only be saved by Prince ___!'"

"Long name dont wanna play it-" Eridan mused, holding onto you.

"Sollux can be the dragon that gets slaaaaayed~" Nepeta purred as Sollux got a shocked expression. "Don't worry Pawlux, it's purretend!"

"Right, pretend... I got it, sure, dragons, cool." Sollux smiled.

"Go on Eridan, it'll be fun to see what jousting skills ___ has." Aradia chimed in as she and Feferi stood next to Nepeta.

"Are you okay with it ___?" Eridan quirked a brow at you. What fun this could be...

"TO THE TOWER!" you called, pointing northwest. Oh sweet Valentines Castle, What glorious days for Prince ___ and princess Eridan, indeed...
Watch me for more fanfics and Reader x Homestuck stories
I'm doing Reader x Sollux next uvu~~


EDIT 2: So I don't think this is ever gonna stop being my most faved piece ever?? omg thank you guys!! ///o///)/
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SophiFoxQueen Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Wow this is my dream to get married to a fish prinsess while his ex girlfriend trows petals at my head.....and the preacher cant tell if I'm a bride or groom. And the preacher made the church with his eyes. Dream come true. No but I love it!
Sp33dcore Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014

;3c knew it
thank you so much <3
SophiFoxQueen Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student General Artist
SmileGirlX0X0 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Prince Mary

I like it-
Sp33dcore Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014

glad ya do!
XxStormyshadowxX Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Prince Praneetha

Ravenflightsshadow1 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I use my troll OC's name and stuff for every one of these i read and both her and I would have probably thrown are hands up and said (With a mad blush on our faces) 'Screwm this you guys are f**king insane i'm goin' home!" >///<'
Sp33dcore Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
ClassicGamerGirl Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well done :)
BarelyNotANerd Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This is killing me Karkat Spin  

I am blushing and squeeling because this is so cute it's practically bad for my health!!!!!!!!!! But agh being Eridan's Prince/Princess or wwhatevver I am is just so cute .A. 

Thank you for writing thisNepeta Heart 
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